Batch Foam Machine (PT)
Model: BFM PT

Batch foam machines are used to produce flexible PU foam blocks with one block at a time process. These are meant for relatively low production. Capacity upto 30 to 40 blocks per 8 hour Density 10 to 32

Standard Equipment
  • Main machine fitted with mixing tank, 100 ltr TDI pouring tanks & Polyol pouring funnel.
  • Mixing motor 10HP with AC frequency drive.
  • Mold for foam block made by MS pipe & covered with aluminum sheets on sides & wooden board on bottom.
  • Track lines on which the main machine frame can slide in & out of the mold.
  • Polyol jacketed tank with motorized stirer, capacity 1500 L.
  • TDI jacketed tank capacity 1000L .
  • Complete pumps + pipeline for metering of polyol & TDI with essential valves.
  • Water flushing tank of 500 ltr with pump & pipeline.
  • Air compressor 2HP with 160 Ltr air tank.
  • Control panel with digital counters for polyol+TDI and buttons for mixing, TDI pouring & flushing.
  • Quantity of chemical can be set directly in kilograms on the counters.
  1. This model gives the foamer the advantage of accuretely metering the two main chemicals i.e. Polyol & TDI.
  2. This increases the consistency in production and makes the operation very easy.
  3. The quantities of Polyol & TDI may be entered in kilograms directly on the control panel.