Circular Cutting Machine (Standard)
Model: CCM

The circular cutting machines from ASE are designed to provide an accurate and reliable means of cutting flexible PU foam blocks into desired thickness ranging from mattresses (100 to 200mm) to thin sheets as low as 1.5mm. These machines are fully automatic and are available in two sizes CCM56 & CCM66.

An AC motor with variable speed, drives the rotary table loaded with foam blocks. The slitting section driven by an electric motor through transmission belts lowers to the preset thickness automatically after each revolution, giving a stack of sheets of the desired thickness.

The cutting is executed by an endless band saw blade running on four dynamically balanced wheels results in a smooth and finished cut.

Standard Equipment:
  • Rotary slitting table with wooden tabletop having friction surface.
  • Circumference friction drive (max. Speed 100m/min) having soft movement on table-start and -stop.
  • Infinitely variable table speed control : 0 to 5 rpm using a variable frequency drive.
  • Slitting section with four balanced blade-wheels.
  • Motorized slitting section. lift/lower mechanism.
  • Tensioned teflon (PTFE) coated blade guide.
  • Electric blade drive motor
  • Single-edge ground band-knife with manual tensioning system Band-knife width: 30 mm.
  • Electric grinding apparatus with two adjustable cup-stones. (Manual dresser).
  • Grinding dust exhaust.
  • Vacuum system in slitting area.
  • Electric adjustment of slitting angle: 0 to 5 degrees.
  • Control panel with PLC & colour touch screen.
  • Pre-selection of slitting thickness by touch screen from 1.5mm to 200mm.
  • Pre-selection of number of table-revolutions through touch screen for 1-999.
  • Blade breakage detector with auto shut off.
  • Blade ON warning light.