Circular Cutting Machine (Superior)
Model: CCM S

This latest model of ASE carousel machines has been designed for high production units having huge cutting requirements. The high speed cutting feature gives enormous value to this machine especially for cutting low density foams which are cut in small thicknesses as low as 1.5 mm.


The machine has a very strong welded steel construction. The table is made with solid inner and outer rings connected by MS pipes.

The table revolves on heavy duty rollers and the cutting unit is stationary, moving vertically up and down on Strong pillars.

Blade drive:
The band-knife runs on four PU coated balanced wheels which are mounted on align-able bearing hubs. The system is driven by an electric motor. The blade is 30 mm wide and moves between a pre-tensioned knife guide which keeps the blade in position during cutting.
Standard Equipment:
  • Rotary slitting table with tabletop with friction surface.
  • Slitting table with circumference friction drive and soft movement on table-start and -stop.
  • Infinitely variable table speed control : 0 to 10 rpm using a variable frequency drive.
  • Slitting section with four balanced blade-wheels.
  • Motorized slitting section.
  • Tensioned teflon (PTFE) coated blade guide.
  • Electric blade drive motor.
  • Single-edge ground band-knife Band-knife width: 30 mm.
  • Automatic grinding apparatus with long life cup-stones.
  • Grinding dust exhaust.
  • Vacuum system in slitting area.
  • Electric adjustment of slitting angle: 0 to 5 degrees.
  • Control panel with PLC & colour touch screen.
  • Pre-selection of slitting thickness by colour touch screen or by vernier 1.5mm to 200mm.*
  • Pre-selection of number of table-revolutions through digital display for 1-999.*
  • Blade breakage detector with auto shut off. *
  • Blade ON warning light. *