Edge Rounding Machine

The edge rounding machines are designed to round off the edges of a cushion to convert it into a pillow. All four sides are cut one by one to get a pillow. The cutting is done by an endless band knife which is totally enclosed in the machine body except at the point of operation. Thickness of the pillow may be from 75mm to 125mm (fixed) to be specified with order.

Standard Equipment:
  • High quality finished product with smooth cutting surface.
  • Fast - 700 to 1000 pillows per 8 hr shift
  • Safe, the blade is protected.
  • Former size available from 75mm to 125mm (fixed)
  • Space required : 2.5 meter x 1.5 meter
  • Power required : 1.25 hp
FOR Flexible PU Foam
Uses a 25hp high speed motor to shred waste foam material into shreds of sizes 10mm to 25mm This comes as ready to use machine complete with motor & starter. The shred size can be changed easily by rotating the vertical bolts on the top cover.