Batch Foam Machine (Automatic)
Model: BFMA

The automatic version of our batch foam machine is designed for factories with medium scale production with maximum convenience & less dependence on manual labour. This machine has complete metering lines for all chemicals including tanks, pumps, pipe lines & return valves for re-circulation

Standard Equipment:
  • Output: Max.shot weight 125 kgs.
  • Density: Between 10-40 kgs / cubic meter.
  • Pumps: (All pumps are from Viking USA) Polyol meter pump with motor, tank 1500 liter made by carbon steel, having motorized stirrer and water jacket. TDI meter pump with motor, tank 1000 liter made by carbon steel. Blow Agent meter pump with motor, tank 300 liter made by stainless steel.
    Catalyst 1 Metering pump with motor for Water with Silicone & Amine, tank 150 liter made by SS.
    Catalyst 2 Meter pump with motor for Tin Catalyst with Polyol, tank 70 liter made by SS.
  • Chemical Metering by Digital Preset Counters.
  • Quantity of chemical can be set directly in kilograms on the counters.
  • Mixing motor: 15 HP controlled by AC Drive.
  • Control Panel: Having all push buttons and digital counters.
  • Raw material charge system via re-circulation using the same pump.
  • Pipe work, temperature indication, chemical volume by glass tube.
  • Mold : One Mold to produce 6ft. x 6ft. blocks.
  • Compressor: One 2hp Air-Compressor complete with motor and starter.
General Specifications
6m x 9m
20 KW
415V AC 50Hz